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Name: WeiGao Transmission
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Add: No. 10, Xiyuan Road, Sandun Town, Xihu District, Hangzhou

About Us
        Weigao Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. China General Machinery Industry Association unit by gearbox manufacturing company engaged in by gearbox. Production and R series helical gear reducer motor, S series helical gear - worm geared motors, the F series parallel shaft helical gear reducer motor, K series helical gear - bevel gear reducer, motor, cycloidal pin wheel reducer, T series spiral bevel gear steering boxes, H, B series standard industrial gearboxes, worm screw lift, RV series worm gear reducer, etc. more than ten series, thousands of specifications.
       After years of careful management, to become a star enterprise in the industry. From abroad, large CNC grinding machine, the worm grinding machines, machining centers and computer-controlled carbon and nitrogen alloying furnace, sophisticated production equipment and testing equipment. The same industry in the most comprehensive detection, detection power the most advanced instrument test center.
         The Weigao drive products widely used in metallurgy, lifting, mining, power, petrochemical, building materials, light industry, road construction, sugar, and environmental protection industries, domestic and foreign customers praise and esteem. Product sales network across 32 provinces and cities, and exported to Italy, Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Oman, Mozambique and other countries and regions.
        The purpose of "quality first, users first", the Company is willing to work and friends at home and abroad sincere cooperation and common development![more]